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Santa Fe police search trash for clues to murder | Crime

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Santa Fe police search trash for clues to murder

Santa Fe police rummaged through piles of trash Friday morning looking for more clues to pin two suspects down in the murder of David Martinez.

Police searched through trash at the Buckman Road Recycling and transfer station with three different search warrants.

 “It’s a smelly job to begin with but we hit a paydirt with this,” said Santa Fe Police Lt. Louis Carlos.

That paydirt is cactus needles which police consider a crucial piece of evidence.

Police believe suspects Sam Leyba and Felix Martinez killed David Martinez, then carried him across a park on a dolly and threw his body on a bed of cacti.

"We found a trash bag that contains to be what we believe blood evidence and also some needles from a cactus imbedded on a garbage truck," Carlos said.

Police also found other clues in the trash they hope will solve other crimes Leyba may be involved in.

“We also found several items that we are going to tie to several burglaries, we hope,” Carlos said.

“We found items such as jewelry and watches that we have to go back now and tie to some burglaries.”

Police are also looking to see if Martinez and Leyba have anything to do with the February murder of Ethaan Boyer.

In that case, Boyer was shot in his home when he walked in on an intruder.

Police say they are not sure what they found in Friday’s trash rubble will help in that investigation.


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