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NM Law Enforcement Academy graduates new officers

NM Law Enforcement Academy graduates new officers

The New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy says they are proud to graduate fifty-seven cadets.

The cadets are all part of the Basic Police Officer Training Class #185. The ceremony takes place 10 a.m., Friday, June 14th at the Santa Fe Indian School Pueblo Pavilion Wellness Center, 1501 Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe.

The graduates will be the latest group to hit the streets of New Mexico. Officials for the Law Enforcement Academy say the cadets were required to pass the Law Enforcement Officer Certification Exam, as well as complete a thorough training program that spanned over 21 weeks.

Each officer represents one of 25 different agencies around the state including Santa Fe, Los Lunas, Carlsbad, and New Mexico Game and Fish.


N.M. Lottery Scholarship still coming up short

N.M. Lottery Scholarship still coming up short

For years, the New Mexico Lottery has said the scholarship program was projected to run short of money. The newest report reflects that could be the case as soon as the 2014-15 school year.

Officials for the Legislative Lottery scholar ship say that if current trends hold true, the demand on the scholarship will mean a $10.5 million difference for fiscal 2014 between the need for the scholarship and the funds available.

Larry Behrens, a spokesman for the New Mexico Higher Education Department, explains why the scholarship has yet to see a solution to the problem. “By law, the Legislature is the only body that can pass requirements for a permanent solution to the scholarship.

Fire threatens more than wilderness

The Thompson Ridge fire in the Jemez Mountains is threatening much more than valuable real estate and precious wilderness. For the people of Jemez Pueblo an entire way of life is in danger of going up in smoke.

To the Jemez people, the mountains are life itself. Their history and their religion is all entwined together in the steep canyons and high mesas and rugged peaks.

That's according to Paul Tosa, an elder and former governor of the tribe. He’s also a historian. Tosa said he fears that the fire may destroy hundreds of sacred sites throughout the mountain range.

“It is our burial grounds, it is our churches,” Tosa said, gazing toward Redondo Peak, the mountain the Jemez call Wavema. “The ancestral people are buried there, and yet at the same time, because of those people, we are still existing. We are still surviving.”

Bieber headed to space from N.M.

Bieber headed to space from N.M.

The LA Times reports that Justin Bieber is the next big celebrity to visit space via New Mexico.

Richard Branson, billionaire, and creator of Virgin Galactic tweeted on Wednesday that the superstar and his manager signed up for a Virgin spacecraft flight. Not too long after, Bieber himself retweeted the message to his 40 million plus followers.

Bieber now resides on the list of fellow celebrity travelers like Ashton Kutcher and Leo DiCaprio.

Firefighters use lake to quench fire

Fenton Lake State Park is closed due to safety issues related to helicopters accessing the lake for water to fight the Thompson Ridge Fire in the Santa Fe National Forest. 

The park will remain closed through June 20, 2013.  This closure may be extended due to continued fire suppression activities. 

Ordinance could put fee on grocery bags

The question 'paper or plastic' might be followed by another one in Durango soon: Are you willing to pay for it?

A proposed ordinance is up for a vote tonight. It would put a fee on paper and plastic bags at grocery stores.

The Durango Bag It campaign has been trying to get an ordinance like this in place for two years.

"It takes a lot of energy to produce plastic bags...there are some toxicity issues around plastic," said organizer of Durango Bag It Erich Bussian.

Promoters of the ordinance said putting fees on plastic bags would promote the use of reusable bags and keep plastic out of landfills.

Durango City Councilor, Keith Brant will vote 'no' because only the five biggest grocery stores in Durango will be forced to charge for bags. He thinks it penalizes them.

Gov, fire officials to hold public meeting in Pecos

Gov. Susana Martinez will join fire officials in a public meeting for residents of the Pecos area Friday evening regarding the Tres Lagunas wildfire.

The meeting, which starts at 6 p.m., will cover evacuations and fire suppression efforts. Residents will also get the chance to ask questions about the fire.

The meeting will be at the following location:

Pecos High School Auditorium

State Road 63 at St. Anthony's Loop

Pecos, NM 87552